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"Angels, Choirs, Solos, They Sound Beautiful!" 

Sound Features:
* 30+ multisample banks with angelic voices. Some raw (little to no processing/fx), some drowned in reverbs/wide/soft treatments.

* Over 100 DRUMS - from kicks, to snares, to hihats, to ethnic/hand-drums, to impacts, to shakers and more.

* Over 100 FX, Quirks, Rise/Falls, Sci-Fi, Builders, Blips, and Abstract elements.

* 80+ Orchestra/instrument sounds spanned at the bottom and top 2-3 octaves of each bank.

* Surprises throughout either in kit or span format.

* Bonus kits from our BASSturbo VSTi/AU.


VoicePlex PC - VSTi (32 or 64 bit) & MAC A.U. + VST

Pan | MashBack | Main Vol
LFO Rate | Depth | Type ++
Reverb | Glide
Poly | Mono | Legato
ADSR | Preview Keys + Pads
Grouped groups/custom combos


C-2 - C-1 = Drums x 3
C-1-C0 = Instruments
C1 - C6 = Voices
C7-C9/10 = Instruments

"It sounds so real?"

^ Because it is :).

We sampled real singers!

At C, -
over their whole range...

... and then compiled each into a 6 octave processed set.

End result?

Fantastic vocals, whispers, aliens, elves, chipmunks, operah, angels, and more right on your keys/pads! Add amazing elements to your cinematic stuff OR your music.

We got in touch with a few great local singers here in Toronto (Nelly Bentley and Stella Rose), and brought them into our studio for a few hours a piece to record both - variations of high long notes, followed by abstract 'anything' goes sessions..

Once complete we put the sounds through a variety of our signature processing techniques, often combining up to four layers/notes/chords/harmonies into a final sound that would then get spanned a few keys before the next one comes in.. We ended up with quite the variety in each kit! We also made sure to leave a lot of the samples NOT processed, and more raw, so you can still do your own tweaks to them.



The first time we ran it = instant love love love! I made sure to put in a few extra instruments (piano/bells/stuff that compliments the voices) and quickly realized that this little tool is going to be quite the impression maker - with room still left for us to add a few more soundsets and features..

So we did :)

- From drums, to FX/Sweeps, to an extra instrument or two on EACH kit at the beggining and last two/three octaves. This makes for fast and creative output on your midi patterns. Wicked for producing movie stings, intro's/outro's/anthems/themes, etc.

A few instances and you get multiple voices, instruments, and optional drums/alt sounds very quickly for fast combo's and quick arrangements/tests with other kits as you scroll through them with your patterns.

Ok - the sounds are done - what's left?

While it's limited re advanced effects and tweaks - we wanted to make sure people could easily lay down a midi pattern and get FAST combos with any/all sounds at their fingertips.. .. . so we decided to bring all the kits on screen with controls for each. Now you can quickly get combinations of sounds and change on the fly.

Result? Fast and beautiful sounding arrangements coming to life and changing flavors fast - all at my fingertips :).

Once enough got built, we also decided to do a few long RoundRobin kits (which means you have many samples assigned to the same key, and each time you hit the key it changes, either randomly or in order or in full). So when you play the voices you get tons of random variety in expression, in sample, and in final result without sacrificing your original idea or arrangements.

We also created a bunch of preset combo's so you can easily get your creativity going. Pick a combo, assign some panning/volume/release variations to each, and let the voices bless your project!

What else? We utilize 16 Stereo Outputs so you can use one instance, combo up a bunch of stuff, and treat each sound differently per output (so add an echo to the first one, a reverb to the second, a filter pass to the third, all within one instance/combo).

We also utilize ProgramChange, Controller, MidiNoteChange, CC, and AlwaysOn controls for each bank. This means you can pre-program your selections to change banks as you play your arrangement (great for when you want to add a bridge, or simply change the voices every x bars to something else).




Control how you want to apply the LFO.




Pick the type of LFO you want to apply - these don't always work well on vocals however when done right = you get beautiful results.




Users can change what the LFO gets applied to as well. Either change the pitch to drift up/down, or change the expression, or change the left/right panning as you play for a nice stereo image effect.



We utilize the RoundRobin feature on three kits, and they are rather full (x-xx samples per key set). When you choose a kits that has an RR in it, you'll be able to change the dropdown to apply the RR in whatever format you want. I tend to enjoy 'random' most as you get unexpected results (in a good way) and they stem off into other ideas for accents/bridges/etc.


We also top off the set nicely with the last two kits being semi-full (meaning almost every key has its own sample). These are drums and a set of sweeps/FX to add to your timeline as nice accents/buildups/drops/smootheners, etc.

Full Size Look At The GUI

*Simply start clicking on sounds for cool combos. Change up the Vol/Pan/Release of each on the fly
- or select it from the dropdown for further edits (from ADSR to stack type to control type). Setup program changes easily in a
variety of ways, 16 outputs gives you fast effects/editing of 16 sounds together within one instance,
cool drumkits on deck, low CPU, multiple instance ready. Produce FAST, test new falvors FASTER!

VoicePlex Plugin - Download on the next page
Over 400 Samples preloaded +Bonuses - Custom & hot
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ONLY - $19.95!
(for the intro/launch phase - $39.95-$49.95 afterwards)

You get access to all FOUR versions (PC 32x - 64x VSTi - MAC VST - or Mac A.U Universal) >>

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Minimum System Requirements For The Software

1 GB RAM (or greater)
Any DAW/VST Host
900 MB free space on OS drive
Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Any DAW/VST Host
900 MB free space on OS drive

How to setup Multi-Outputs: Each DAW does things a little different but in the end it's all the same.
You need to setup (or your DAW will do this for you automatically) 16 outputs through your midi/aux channels and you'll be able to control each output/channel separately re fx/parameters).

"I only hear the first preset and the 17th and 33rd"...

Cubase (This was a test with SX and it auto-imported/setup the 16 tracks):


Logic - doesn't automap so here's the quick multi-out setup:
(if you don't set the multi-outs, it will all still work however all 16 layers will go through one stereo output)

PC users: If you unrar the file, and you don't have a .instruments folder,
you'll need to create one within your VST folder named VoicePlex-64.instruments
and put the .mse file inside that folder.
(your unrar tool may not have preserved sub-folders when expanding it).



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