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"Score Audio For Anything - Videos To Games To Apps"


Sound Features:
* Over 100 Atmospheres and sweep samples broken down into creative 2x combo groups over 10 octaves (get deep slow suspense or fast risers).

* Over 100 DRUMS - from kicks, to snares, to hihats, to ethnic/hand-drums, to impacts, to shakers and more.

* Over 120 FX, Quirks, Rise/Falls, Sci-Fi, Builders, Blips, and Abstract elements.

* 80+ Orchestra sounds spanned all the way through 10 octaves. Get wicked lowend with safe time-stretching.

* Surprises throughout either in kit or span format.

* Bonus kits from our BASSturbo VSTi/AU.

AtmosFire PC - VSTi (32 or 64 bit) & MAC A.U.

Pan | MashBack | Main Vol
LFO Rate | Depth
Reverb | Glide
Poly | Mono | Legato
ADSR | Transpose | Preview+Pads
DUBturbo 4 Leaked Samples ;)



"It does both, makes music, or makes movies/games/apps come to life!"

Initially this tool started off as just a video scoring sweetener, to add a few layers of deep suspense, some turbines, a bass with an LFO nice 'n slow to help a dramatic scene move along, aggressive tensions, moods, etc.

But, after the first pass of testing the sounds - two things happened:

1. It WORKS. Really, really, well. (light on CPU/multiple instances, easy, fast). Captures emotion, casts a mood, adds energy, confuses/scares/builds/drops/.. it does a lot!

2. While it's creative and complete, we just had to keep adding more sounds to it.

On the second pass and test runs, we discovered we could just as easily fill in a few kits with drums/hits/fx/sweeps/etc. to make it into a full beat production or multi-purpose studio plugin too.

As a matter of fact, we filled it with so many extras that this should give any producer the ability to fully score 'anything' they want with ONE tool.

Make your beats, dramatic stings, attacks, explosions, drumming from a distance, marching, aliens approaching, club beats/scenes, romantic ambiance, elevator music, WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Mix this with our BASSturbo VSTi/AU or the VoxNBeatBox for a beautiful combo of tools capable of creating amazing stings, intro/outro's, long scenes, melodic suspense, build ups, moods, full treatments, dvd/menu screens, etc!

This was inspired while we were giving out promo copies of our previous tools. Many of the people that received a copy thanked us and told us what they would be using the plugins for...

Surprisingly we have quite a few video/game/app/movie/youtube producers that use our VSTi's/AudioUnits to score their stuff with. This came as a bit of a surprise actually - so - we decided to make a tool JUST FOR YOU GUYS.

Scoring/giving a video a good audio treatment requires MANY different types of libraries. From foley stuff, to a catalogue of beats/instrumentals, to pre-made loops/moods, to a TON of smaller elements to help you tell the story in any scene...

Well, we tried to make sure not to 'take on everything', and underdeliver with just a few sounds/libraries of each type. We stuck to the elements that we do best, and can see working well within our collections.

We did our best to make an all-in-one builder tool - so you no longer have to hop around between all your libraries and catalogs as you edit every few seconds of footage/scenes.

** It's also lightweight - load many instances - no fuss (I have 8 going on easy patterns - on an old XP 32bit machine).


Full-size look at the creative yet simple GUI.


AtmosFire Plugin - Download on the next page.
Over 400 Samples preloaded +Bonuses - All custom & hot (some from DUB4)
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Minimum System Requirements For The Software

1 GB RAM (or greater)
Any DAW/VST Host
900 MB free space on OS drive
Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Any DAW/VST Host
900 MB free space on OS drive