Here's a look at how DUBturbo pairs intuitive ease of use with studio quality output
for you,
taking away limitations that hold most people back, allowing you to create hot beats with little effort fast:

16 Track Sequencer
: Keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can maneuver around the ap and produce FAST! Familiar panel layout to big DAW's and production tools make this EASY to use, and easy to transition into other software later in your career


16 Tracks Of Stereo Boomin' Sound To Build Your Hot Beats With
EASILY Draw in or Trigger Sounds w/Keyboard shortcuts
Draw In Bars & Build In 2 Clicks - Change Sounds/Patterns Fast
Drag & Copy Your Bars Around - Then Edit Them, Easy!
Jog Through 1000's Of Sounds & Drums Browse Or Pre-Set!
Edit Volumes of Each Track (& Each Sound)
Filter Pass on Each Track (& Each Sound) - Mixdown to perfection
Edit Main Master Volume For Clean .wav's - Avoids Redlining
Select Multiple Bars (any/as many as you want)
Double Click On Bars To Open Them - Easy Navigation!
Preview Sounds On Your Keyboard - Fast Auditioning Of Kits
Change View Modes - Normal, Blackout, Fullscreen
Bounce Any Layer Or Sound Separately - Bounce To Bigger DAW's
Export Your 44.1 Studio Quality .wav Master - Industry Standard!

10 Pad Sampling Drum Machine
FEATURES: EVERY Pad has a trigger assigned to it (going 1-10 (zero) moving up the keyboard). Easy kit navigation (1000's of sounds!), easy to use grid for your patterns, all right at your fingertips.


10 Pads per Kit = Most kits are universal - change up beats on the fly
EASY To Lay Your Drum Patterns In A 1:32 Grid Per Bar
TONS OF VARIETY! Drums, wobbles, voxes, effects, strings, +more
Edit Volume Of Each Pad + Perfectly Mix The Whole Kit Easily.
Edit PITCH Of Each Pad - Twerk Your Patterns & Sounds
Edit FILTER PASS Of Each Pad - Get Muffled, or High-End Crisp FX
Edit LEGATO Of Each Pad - Prevent Overlap & Mash Up Samples!
Edit Volume Of Entire Kit - Main Volume Control For The Channel
Edit FILTER PASS Of Entire Kit - Give The Whole Channel Treatments
Select & Copy Notes - Copy Batches Of Notes Over Within A Bar
Click, Hold, Drag To Draw - Draw A Line Up Of Notes In One Move
Click, Hold, Drag To Erase - Erases Anything It Touches In One Move
Import Your Own Custom Sounds - NEW Import .wav Wizard
Saves Settings Of Everything - Re-open Projects & Keep Working
Export Everything Or Bounce Separately - Mute/Solo Export Calls.

4 Octave Sampling Keyboard
FEATURES: Two octaves of the four are controlled by your keyboard (the one you type on), You get everything here from pianos, to saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, wobbles/wubwubs, and top shelf samples all around to ensure authenticity in each beat! And you can import your own sounds easily.


Awesome 4 full octave keyboard
Simply Draw In Melodies Or Use Our Chording Tool
Change Your Instrument Selection On The Fly - NO load time!
Edit Volume Of Each Sample + Overlap Other Sounds FAST!
Edit Filter Pass Of Each Sample - Remove Bass Or Remove Highs
1000's of Instruments- Drums, Voxes, Effects Included
Auto Quantize Your Patterns to 1:32 - Or Double Your Tempo 1:64
Select Multiple Notes With Lasso Tool Then copy/move/erase
Click, Hold, Draw To Create A Line Up Or Drop Down Of Notes
Click, Hold, Erase Anything In One Move
Turn ON LEGATO - Prevents Overlap = Build HOT Bass & Wubwubs
Chord Chart Tool - Full Chord Chart, Click To Lay Any Chord Combo
Import Your Own Instruments (Or Any Sound Really..)
Trigger Sounds On The Keyboard You Type On - Preview FAST
Export Your Melodies/Key Treatments With Universal TimeCode

NEW - Interactive Chording Tool
Pick A Chord & Lay It!


FULL Chord Chart - Major, Minor, Dim, 7th, Major 7th
Click & Hold Mouse Down On A Chord To See Keys Light Up.
Learn The Whole Chord Chart & You Learn To MASTER All Music
Create Melodies FAST + Throw In A Bridge With Ease
Pick Your Chord & Press "Lay Chord" - It Puts In On Your Grid :)
Previews W/high end Piano (as not all sounds are chordable)
Auto Quantizes Your Chord - Snap it To Anywhere on The Grid
Select Multiple Notes With Lasso Tool Then Move Up an Octave..
Trigger Notes/Chords With The Keyboard You Type On (2 Octaves)
Chords Into Melodies - Lay Some Chords, Move notes into patterns
Interchangeable - Once Laid, You Can Still Change Instruments
Chord Your Own Instruments? Sure, import & Chord Anything

NEW - Import .wav Wizard
In Panel Tool For Importing Your Own Sounds Or Our Add-On Kits


Is Available In BOTH Panels (Drums and keys)
Drums = Create New Folders * Rename * Delete * Import Sets
Keys = Create New Folders * Rename * Delete * Import Sets
Import 10 Sounds Into A Newly Made DRUMS Kit
Import Any Amount Of Sounds Into A Newly Made KEYS Kit
Import A Folder Full Of Folders - Yes, we enabled mass import :)
Accepts 44.1 Stereo .wav - Raw PCM Standard Format
Doesn't Require Admisitrator Priveleges
Preview Sounds Before Finalizing - Re-Edit If Needed & Re-import
Doesn't Require A Restart Of The Ap - Live Updates On The Spot
Interchangeable - Once Laid, You Can Still Change Instruments
Chord Your Own Instruments? Sure, import & Chord Anything

Drum/Padded Kits (10 sounds per kit)

Spanned Keys (no limit for sounds per kit)



If YOU want to make real studio quality beats that literally make you
get out of your seat and dance when you play them - this is it!
It's Easy Enough For Newbies & Flexible Enough For The Pro's!

You Can Easily Make Any Modern Genre Of Music!

dirty south & crunk
disco/ funk/blues
world music
movie music
chillout + More!

When You Order DUBturbo Today:

You also get a full video training course which takes you through DUBturbo in detail - and we also show you how to structure music including urban flavor beats - properly - STEP BY STEP!

For those that are BRAND NEW to our world, we DON'T leave you hanging don't worry!

In fact - You'll be choppin' amazing beats in no time we promise. The youtube videos are in depth and by the time you finish your second or third video you'll truly have a great understanding of a lot of aspects of music production, sequencing, drum patterns, intros, fills, gaps, builds, rolls, chords, vox use, bass lines, and more!

1000's of others are making beats from their computers RIGHT NOW!
Today it's
finally YOUR turn to unleash that talent that's just 'dying' to come out!

You Will Download DUBturbo Now - NO waiting! No Mail!
You Get Instant DOWNLOAD Access To Everything On The Next Page. NO Shipping, NO Handling, NO Fee's!
(simply download it, install it in 2 minutes with the auto installer, and = make HOT beats!)


"Yes, I'm ready to get my DUBturbo kit & start making beats NOW
"Yes, ensure that while I'm on this page, I claim this crazy low price"

Here's Another Look At What You Get:

DUBturbo 3.0 Software - Download on the next page $199.99- $39.95! limited!
Over 3000 Samples preloaded - All custom & hot - .wav - use w/other gear
Training Videos - How to produce HITS in minutes - FREE
*NEW :: DUBturbo Producer Contest Entry - (Comes with purchase only)
*NEW :: WUBWUB & Wobble Samples - DUBSTEP KITS - FREE

---- Premium Updates When We Update Our Kits
---- Free upgrade to our new DAW studio when it's ready
---- Full 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy


Today - $39.95 - GO >>

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Instant Download.
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This Is A One Time Payment - Made For MAC & PC ONLY
This Offer May Expire Without Notice.

Still Not Sure? Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if i've NEVER made beats before?
A: NO PROBLEM! You don't need ANY skills or experience.

Q: Do I need a super computer?
A: NOPE! Basically if you can play audio on your machine, you're good to go! MAC & PC. YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE! NOTHING, NADA, NOT A PENNY MORE ANYWHERE!

Q: Can I make beats ONLINE or just on my desktop?
A: BOTH! It runs faster installed on your machine (obviously) because we use high quality samples.

Q: What Else Does DUBturbo Do??
*Run it remotely from our site when you're abroad.
*Save your source.dubproject files, send it back to your studio, or share it.
*Metronome friendly with loop and keyboard triggers on the fly!

Q: What if I'm not at MY computer Right Now?
A: You Can Still Order! Order on the computer you're on now (mac or pc), & when you get home you login to our members area (it's all emailed to you) & install it there! You can buy a friend a copy this way too.

Q: What if It does not work, Can I get a refund?
A: Yep! One email & you get a 100% refund.

Q: Any other perks come with this?
a) We show you how to monetize your beat game. b) WE take your beats & put them on our roster for sale. c) The rest are 'unadvertised' - & you'll love 'em!

System Requirements:

Intel-based Macs only
1 GB RAM (or greater)
OS X 10.6 (or greater)
900 MB free space on OS drive

Pentium 4 (or greater)
1 GB RAM (or greater)
Windows XP (SP 2 recommended)
Windows 7 & Vista (32 and 64 bit)
900 MB free space on OS drive
2 GHz (or greater)



**NOTE: YOU ALSO GET TWO (2) LICENSES TODAY - So you can give somebody else a fully authorized copy, or you can run it on two of your own machines - both are identical without any limitations or differences. Enjoy!!

Upfront disclosure:

Prior to installation or download, we work to ensure you clearly understand the principal and significant functions of the software and the specific effects that the software will have on your computers. Please review and uderstand the DUBturbo software EULA pertaining to your purchase before purchasing, installing, or using DUBturbo software.
You can find the End User License Agreement (EULA) here

Transparent installation:

You'll are always given a meaningful opportunity to review all proposed installation options and system changes when downloading software. You will NEVER be misled or deceived by our software products.

Simple removal:

All DUBturbo products can be removed using traditional removal methods. You can find software removal and uninstall instructions for any DUBturbo software here. Plus all versions of DUBturbo are backed by a full 60 day no questions asked rerfund policy.

Clear behavior:

During installation - DUBturbo will notify you, as all high quality software products do, of the changes that are being made to your computer. Rest assured ALL OF THESE CHANGES ARE FULLY REVERSIBLE.

Respecting privacy:

Our applications DO NOT collect or transmit any personally identifiable information from any of our users for any reason.

Keeping good company:

DUBturbo condemns the development and distribution of harmful or malicious programs or scripts. We DO NOT include and such scripts in any of our software applications, nor do we keep company or bundle our applications with any such programs from any third parties.

The bottom line:

With DUBturbo you will always get high quality reliable software products that respect your privacy.

Contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have:


CAUTION: If you look for DUBturbo in search engines, and find a 'free download' or 'crack/activator/free trial', DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! WE DO NOT HAVE A TRIAL. We've found that a) They are viruses masked as our program b) They are sneaky affiliates and once you open the .exe you'll see it's just another ad/link do not try to seek a free demo or trial - there isn't one (however there IS a 60 day iron clad refund policy - just as good as a trial).


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